My first post

I have decided to start this blog, You may be wondering why. Well, I don’t have any straight forward answer too, but here I would like to share what I learn from people.

Since this is my very first post , I will cover things in a nutshell.

Suddenly I’ve decided not to spend this summer by sleeping and thinking what to do. My brother Suman told me about Kushal  and dgplug. And all I did is join #dgplug on

I Know What You Are Going To Do This Summer 15 , It is an online summer training program from dgplug , Linux Users Group Of Durgapur. I am having a wonderful time with the folks of dgplug. This is a perfect summer training program to engage your time with this community. So far we have learnt about Communication skill, Introduction to shell, Working with Vi editor, File system Hierarchy Standard, Mercurial, Git , GNU/Linux, Web development with HTML/CSS and Python.

That’s all about my first post. Happy to share with you 🙂