Finish what you started, don’t give up

“Finish what you started, don’t give up” one of the most important motto of Open Source Project. This is not applied for just only Open Source but also for everything.

I have learnt something great from sanketdg in dgplug, can be termed as life lesson, i.e, “Completing the task that I have started or committed at any cost with out giving it up. “

I sent a pull request to pym in GitHub on some typo. On Wednesday kushal suddenly told to me to resolve conflict of the pull request that I have sent. My branch was having conflict , that’s why kushal was not able to merge the pull request with his master branch. And it took almost three hours to resolve the conflict.

Actually what I did was I fetched the upstream from git and rebased it  with my master branch. But the branch from where I sent the pr I forgot to it sync with master branch, thus my branch was totally messed up. sanketdg who knows git very well went on telling me the steps to resolve the problem. Two hours passed, still the conflict was not resolved. I told him that I better close the pr that I have made and open a new one. He told “nah. we better resolve this”. Every time I told sanketdg the same, he replied me the same. And finally with his help I solved the conflict. I learnt that it is necessary to always rebase your local branches with the master branch changes.

This is what we face in real time problems. There is no way to move away when you are having an issue/problem, we will have to solve it at any cost. In the same way we,who are now practicing can’t take a back because of being unable to solve a problem. What we have started, we have to finish it. Giving up is not an option.

Thank you 🙂