My first contribution to Fedora: Getting started

I am now contributing to fedora. I am blogging this since it is my first contribution to fedora. So I am really excited 😛

I have recently fixed an issue of bodhi(python-fedora) of fedora-infra. This is my first bug fix in fedorafedora-infra consists of infrastructure applications, building tools, utilities and creating new applications to make fedora development a smoother process. kushal told us to open a FAS account to contribute for  fedora and provided some links including an easyfix link for beginner. So thanks to kushal and dgplug for making it my first fedora contribution ^_^ . whatcanidoforfedora has lots of options to get started with fedora contribution. The channel #fedora-apps is a perfect channel to get started with fedora-infra contribution.

Looking forward to contribute more to fedora  :).

Keep an eye on mygithub to stay updated with my open source contributions ;).

Making of an index page

Continuation of static site generator….

Each and every blog has an index page that contains 5-6 posts of your blog posts, like wordpress has 10 posts in the index page/ Home page by default. I used to wonder how wordpress shows only the last 10 of my posts in its index page. And yes finally I’ve figured out the way 😉 . We are working on static site generator/ static blog generator in dgplug for the last 10 days and on the last Wednesday kushal shoot an assignment of making an index page to us. His question was a bit confusing, all the folks of dgplug were really confused. Because we were not thinking what kushal was thinking, so he decided to elaborate more on this Monday.

But I couldn’t wait for 3-4 days to solve the assignment, thus guessing what kushal was thinking I finally did something and kushal finally said that it matched with at least what he thought. kushal guided me with what else I have to include in the script and I followed him. Hence I was almost done with the index page of static site generator. Let me share with you what I have done 🙂

from markdown2 import Markdown
import os

def index_page(source_path, destination, N):
    files = []
    for f in os.listdir(source_path):
        if f.endswith('.md'):
    return files
    with open(destination, 'w') as d:
        for source in files[:N]:
            with open(source, 'r') as s:
                smd =
            markdowner = Markdown()
            dest = markdowner.convert(smd)

index_page('source_dir_path', 'index.html', 2)

This script searches for all the .md / markdown files in the source directory and makes a list of it. Then converts it to html as needed. According to this script the index page is having 2 posts.

Thanks for your time :). Can’t wait to contribute a project on static site generator in my github.

My first post

I have decided to start this blog, You may be wondering why. Well, I don’t have any straight forward answer too, but here I would like to share what I learn from people.

Since this is my very first post , I will cover things in a nutshell.

Suddenly I’ve decided not to spend this summer by sleeping and thinking what to do. My brother Suman told me about Kushal  and dgplug. And all I did is join #dgplug on

I Know What You Are Going To Do This Summer 15 , It is an online summer training program from dgplug , Linux Users Group Of Durgapur. I am having a wonderful time with the folks of dgplug. This is a perfect summer training program to engage your time with this community. So far we have learnt about Communication skill, Introduction to shell, Working with Vi editor, File system Hierarchy Standard, Mercurial, Git , GNU/Linux, Web development with HTML/CSS and Python.

That’s all about my first post. Happy to share with you 🙂