PythonPune August Meetup: Back to Basics


PythonPune August Meetup was held at Red Hat Pune on 28th August, 2016. So Thanks for supporting us always! Many people came down for the meetup. Some of them were students and some were professionals.

This time the topic was Back to Basics[Python3 Workshop]. We all know that the support for Python2 is going to over by 2020. Here is the Python2 Countdown Clock So it is the time to brush up the basic skills for Python3.  That was the motive for the meetup.

The meetup started with introduction. Chandan Kumar introduced me to the crowd and all of them gave their introduction as well.

We started with basic “Hello World” program and we covered up to “Modules” of Python3 :).

Lots of questions came up when we started discussing about Data structure, Slicing, File handling and Modules.

At the end of the workshop people were given a problem to solve. The response was pretty good :). Later we told about the next meetup  of PyladiesPune and the meetup ended with discussing about contributing to Open Source Projects. Chandan helped me to keep the session pretty interactive, so thanks to him :).

Here is the slide for Back to Basics[Python3]:

Me giving the talk:



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