A Great Guide For Contributing To FOSS

A book review on Shakthi Kannan’s book i want 2 do project. tell me wat 2 do. 

First of all I want to convey my thanks to Shakthi Kannan(mbuf) for such an amazing book. It’s undoubtedly a perfect and great guide if anyone wants to get started with open source contribution and its workflow.

It all started when I was writing testcases for Fedora Cloud Image(tunirtests). I was having discussion with DGPLUG folks since I was facing problem to set up a testcase and mbuf suggested me to take a look at the testcases given in his book i want 2 do project. tell me wat 2 doI ordered the book the very next day.



The book is divided into ten chapters where each and every chapter is divided into some subsections. When a beginner wants to get started with open source contribution Internet provides him/her with top links for getting started with open source contribution which generally contains upstream links and procedure of how to contribute. But open source/FOSS projects have its own workflow, own communication guidelines, own development guidelines, important tools used and all which a beginner is not usually aware of. And the beginners generally face problems to get started with these things at their first phase. So this is the book that covers everything from mailing list guidelines to project communication & its guidelines, development procedure & methodology of work, how to submit patches to upstream projects, how to talk or represent an issue you are stuck at to your mentor or people on IRC or mailing lists, tools used in FOSS, presentations and so on.

This book introduces us to all the terminologies related to FOSS. It beautifully explains what to do and wat not 2 do in the world of Internet and FOSS. I would like to suggest you to carry this book with you where ever you are, because it has answers to all your questions/queries when you are working on an open source project. You need it all the time 😉 .

I have learned about a lot things and terminologies after reading the book. This book has helped me a lot and will continue to do so. Thank You mbuf for such a great book 🙂 .


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