Finally got a break, Phew

It was so frustrating to stay detached from python and fedora stuffs for my mid semester exam 😦 . Yesterday was the first day of exam. It was good. After coming back to home I have decided not to spend the evening preparing for the next exam since I have 4 more days left for the next exam to come 😛 .

I was just going through whatcanidoforgnome , source code lies in fedora-infra/asknot-ng and I found a bug on the gnome site. But it was embarrassing because the bug could not be fixed with the source code of fedora-infra/asknot-ng . I discussed about it with Ralph Bean in #fedora-apps and he asked me to file the bug. And I opened an issue for it. I was not sure about the reason behind the bug too. I talked with Abhishek Arora and he told that the bug might be in iframe.

It felt really good to get back in touch with dgplug again ^_^ . I and Abhishek Arora had a little conversation with Kushal in #dgplug. I requested Kushal to take a session on json and he agreed. I was having trouble with json from few days back and it will be really great to learn it from scratch :). Thanks to Kushal .

Ah so finally I can sleep well now. I have to go back to study from tomorrow again for exam 😛