Why we should spend more time on IRC

Yes, we should spend more time on IRC. Folks share their knowledge there. They come up with their doubts and problems; and I go with mine even if it is not the session time. So there is always a session no matter it’s a formal one or informal one. It’s actually about learning from each other at each and every time.

Well coming to my point, finally there was a midnight informal session from dgplug like they used to do some years before.

We usually have session at 18:30 IST in dgplug. I opened an pull request with three commits in pymKushal informed me this evening that I have to remove the last commit as it was not a correct one. Being a beginner to github , what I did is delete the changes from the original file in my local pc, commit and push it again to my own repo and open another pull request to pym again . Hence it results another new commit i.e, the fourth one. And I was stuck here. I became pretty confused since I couldn’t remove the third commit which was also followed by a fourth one, where as Kushal has told me to remove the third commit and do a pull request with only first and second commit.

Thus I pinged Kushal in irc and he told Sayan to help me to solve this. It became quite easy to me when Kushal , Sayan and some other folks in dgplug helped me. So what I did

git reset --hard HEAD~2  #Head is now at the second commit, Deletes last two commits
git push origin master -f  #This a forced push, PR is updated automatically

This has removed the last two commits finally!

There after, Sayan took an informal hands on session on github to understand git properly. It was really a useful one. Hence we understood why people should spend more time on IRC. It has been a wonderful midnight session 🙂


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