Interview fundue by mbuf

Job interview is a heavy weight term specially for a fresher. Being a fresher myself, I can realize that. Shakthi Kannan aka mbuf has made the term quite lighter with a guest session we had in dgplug on last Sunday. I will write in brief of what I learnt.

Usually there are two types of companies in the industry we see such as Cathedral model and bazaar model.

Cathedral style of work known as MNCs in India follow a strict hierarchy structure. Here we will have to follow what my Manager says. After the work we will report to my Manager, he/she will report to another Manager or Head who will report to a Vice President and so on. We may be unable to know what other departments and divisions are working on, there may be restriction of code access and physical building access too.

Bazaar style of work known as Start-ups have a flat structure. Start-ups with small number of employees are pretty transparent and open in communication. Sometimes it is required to work us on different job roles in Start-ups that doesn’t generally happen for MNCs.

And another thing I’ve learnt that there is no such term like “Job Security”, even a CEO or CTO can be replaced or fired if the authority wants. Most people like to work in larger companies because they think it is their “Job Security”. I would love to quote what mbuf said what actually job security is, “they can be relaxed at times (“sitting in the bench”) and not work actively in a project and still earn money”. We have to love what we are doing, rest will go on automatically.

Coming to Job interview, mbuf explained us so well about the Dos and Don’ts for a job interview. He gave us some tips which can make our stress less. Before applying for a job role we should find out what our interest is. If we see a job role interesting, find what skills do we need for it, we should work on acquiring them accordingly for an interview. We can also show our impact by showing our contributions for a project. If you has already worked on F/OSS project you can show your patches or codes as contribution in github or as any other source as proof in the technical interview. We should not ask how we fared in the interview. That’s the most important thing I have learnt from this session. Many of dgplug folks did the same mistake in their interview, they asked how they fared in the interview, thus couldn’t make it.

We had a great evening session in dgplug on preparing job interviews and also discussing careers and job opportunities for people working with Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) . It had been a bright Sunday 🙂

Why we should spend more time on IRC

Yes, we should spend more time on IRC. Folks share their knowledge there. They come up with their doubts and problems; and I go with mine even if it is not the session time. So there is always a session no matter it’s a formal one or informal one. It’s actually about learning from each other at each and every time.

Well coming to my point, finally there was a midnight informal session from dgplug like they used to do some years before.

We usually have session at 18:30 IST in dgplug. I opened an pull request with three commits in pymKushal informed me this evening that I have to remove the last commit as it was not a correct one. Being a beginner to github , what I did is delete the changes from the original file in my local pc, commit and push it again to my own repo and open another pull request to pym again . Hence it results another new commit i.e, the fourth one. And I was stuck here. I became pretty confused since I couldn’t remove the third commit which was also followed by a fourth one, where as Kushal has told me to remove the third commit and do a pull request with only first and second commit.

Thus I pinged Kushal in irc and he told Sayan to help me to solve this. It became quite easy to me when Kushal , Sayan and some other folks in dgplug helped me. So what I did

git reset --hard HEAD~2  #Head is now at the second commit, Deletes last two commits
git push origin master -f  #This a forced push, PR is updated automatically

This has removed the last two commits finally!

There after, Sayan took an informal hands on session on github to understand git properly. It was really a useful one. Hence we understood why people should spend more time on IRC. It has been a wonderful midnight session 🙂

My first post

I have decided to start this blog, You may be wondering why. Well, I don’t have any straight forward answer too, but here I would like to share what I learn from people.

Since this is my very first post , I will cover things in a nutshell.

Suddenly I’ve decided not to spend this summer by sleeping and thinking what to do. My brother Suman told me about Kushal  and dgplug. And all I did is join #dgplug on

I Know What You Are Going To Do This Summer 15 , It is an online summer training program from dgplug , Linux Users Group Of Durgapur. I am having a wonderful time with the folks of dgplug. This is a perfect summer training program to engage your time with this community. So far we have learnt about Communication skill, Introduction to shell, Working with Vi editor, File system Hierarchy Standard, Mercurial, Git , GNU/Linux, Web development with HTML/CSS and Python.

That’s all about my first post. Happy to share with you 🙂